5 Web Features That Every Business Should Utilize Part Four: Advertising Program

In the first part of this series, “5 Web Features That Every Business Should Utilize”, I mentioned what benefits you can expect to gain by implementing an advertising section inside of each of your web pages. In this article which is Part 4 of 6 we will get more in depth about these benefits. First, lets review what we learned about awards programs in our last article. This Advertising Program is:A great way to capitalize on the blank space of ones websiteGreatly over looked by the masses of small business.Advertisement isn’t just for big corporationsA way even the smallest business can make a decent profit off of another businesses advertisementNow that we have a basis of the benefits of an awards program let’s move on. Instead of explaining each of these points I am going to show you the way this works and provide you with the resources to get started on your own.So lets first look at how this can work for anyone physically and financially.Lets say your office is in a strip mall. Well then you turn to the other businesses in this area and say:”Hello I’m So and So, I run the whatever company two stores down. I have a web site and I was wondering if you’d would like to purchase advertising space on my site.”Now don’t charge $150 a month if you only get ten or fifteen visitors a month. That’s just bad business. Instead be honest and charge $20 a month and $50 for a quarter (three months) for less than 2500 visitors per month. I personally only charge $50 per month and $125 per quarter. But I get between 3000 and 5000 visitors per month. Think about it, why charge exorbitant prices when you can fit two or more ads per page? With only five pages that is around $500 per month.Understand? Good so lets get you some resources.RESOURCE 1Outline and Copy this text. Edit to fit your websiteAdvertising on http://www.yoursite.comThe Internet is an effective medium for advertisers to present their message to potential customers in a low-cost way that enables them to reach the masses. Placing an advertisement on http://www.yoursite.com aids businesses in relaying more information about their products or services, while also providing a link to the advertisers web site.[Your Company] Advertising SpecificationsInternet ad sizes are set to minimize page-loading time to comply with the industry advertising creative standards. All artwork submitted must include advertiser branding (i.e. company name, product name or logo) and must be accompanied by a contact name, e-mail address and phone number. All artwork should include traffic instructions including the URL.Advertisement SizesBox / 125×125 RGB
Tower / 125×240 RGB
*No Exceptions*Supported creative typesAnimated GIF
*No Exceptions*
[Your Company] reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.Advertisement Formats All advertisement submissions are subject to our approval. We retain the right to pull any advertisement for any reason, including but not limited to, questionable content, broken image, broken link, or interference with our site or business.
 All advertisements must conform to the maximum file size (150×150), including all necessary images and files.
 Advertisements must not modify any elements of a user’s browser or computer settings.
 Non-user initiated ads (i.e., those that begin a video, pop-up, etc.).
 Ads must not include references to [Your Company] unless approved by [Your Company] as part of co-promotions.
 Advertisement, when clicked, must spawn a new window.
 Advertisement code must be attached to e-mail as a .txt file.Cancellation PolicyAdvertisement campaigns will be pulled within 72 hours of written confirmation. In the event of cancellation, advertisers will be billed on basis subject to terms of advertising contract.DeadlinesStandard advertisements are due at least five full business days prior to ad start date. Animated GIF ads are due at least 10 full business days prior to ad start date and are subject to testing.For detailed information about our online advertising rates and policies, please contact [Your Self] at [[email protected] ]RESOURCE 2Outline and Copy this text. Edit to fit your websiteADVERTISING POLICIESCredit PolicyPayments are due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices are released on publication date. Accounts not paid within 15 days of date of invoice are subject to a 2.5% per month late charge on the balance from due date until balance is paid in full. We do offer cash discounts.CancellationsCancellations must be submitted in writing and received (5) five working days before the advertisement is to be published. Advertising canceled after this deadline will be billed in full.Copy Acceptance[Your Company] reserves the right to reject any advertisement regarded as objectionable in wording or appearance and may insert the word “advertisement” in any ad.All advertisements are accepted and published upon the representation that the advertiser is authorized to publish the entire contents and the subject matter of the advertisement. The agency and/or advertiser will indemnify and hold the publisher harmless for any loss or expense resulting in any claims or suits for defamation, libel, violation of right to privacy, plagiarism or copyright infringement.Frequency DiscountsFrequency discounts are determined by combining the total number of advertisements on the [Your Company] website within the same (6) six month period. One ad counts as one ad. Contracts canceled before completion will be charged in full as if the contract was fulfilled. No rebates or refunds can be issued.Liability for paymentThe advertiser and its agency are jointly and severally liable for all sums due and payable to [Your Company].Shipping InstructionsAll correspondence, insertion orders and printing materials should be addressed to: Advertising Department, [Your Company], [Your address]., [Your city], [Your state] [Your zip code]. Local number is [Your Phone Number].For detailed information about our online advertising rates and policies, please contact [Your Self] at [[email protected] ]