Strategic Internet Marketing is an Art of E-Market War

Why internet marketing is actually a war with many opponents? A simple answer of this question is that internet provides infinite space virtually for advertisement & marketing of services and products. In the internet there is competition that everybody desires to become a prime spot. In short, any company with most visited website wins the game as value of this company increases because the company can show the advertisements on this website. Therefore other companies will also desire that site for hosting for them. As the chances are high so that there is a necessity of strategic internet marketing which is the place where every feature of marketing, mainly your webpage is properly optimized and developed.Firstly it is most important thing to know that what the people want & stick to it. Regarding the traffic of web surfers make people visit your website. There are two types of traffic of web surfers: the need traffic and the idle traffic. For instance, it is the date of 2oth December and on one hand you know that there is the online very last minute shopper. On the other side a businessman wondering for news on internet in his free time. Clearly, that shopper has necessity to buy something while that businessman does not. This is the advantage for the marketer to spot that who has the necessity of whatever he is offering through the website. Actually, it must be concern from the starting of thinking any name for your website or company.Web traffic is the major need of any internet marketer who is planning for strategic internet marketing. This traffic can be either free or paid. When the internet marketer pays to search engines and other websites for display them and hosting their content on agreeable ranks respectively is called as paid traffic. Free traffic makes the site have visitors with other way than paying. Any website with lots of free traffic it means that website is already famous and it decreases the cost because the marketer has no need to pay any other sites for this. The target of strategic internet marketing is to decrease the paid traffic and move it to free traffic. The sensible way for this is to appoint very famous search engines. This traffic can be classified as targeted traffic or random traffic. When you plant your advertisements anywhere & leave them to get chance of seeing by people is called the random traffic. It is less costly but a risky decision because there is very less chances to observe it by people and those people who will observe your ads are possible customers. On the other hand when you appoint post content or banner space on the websites which are closely related with your services and products is called targeted traffic.At last we can say that the holder of any best SEO website can win the game of strategic internet marketing. After all the strategic internet marketing is not so difficult task. It only takes good understanding of needs.